In order to make everything as easy as possible for you, we’ve got a fixed menu, which changes every day.
    The concept is built around the traditional Italian meal with antipasti, primi, secondo, and dolce.

    At FAMO, the antipasti are extraordinary – it can be anything from crostino with baccalà, vitello with salsa verde, trippa alla romana, or pickled pepper with capers, garlic, and parsley.
    Primi can be our homemade pasta or the chefs' favourite soup. Secondo makes you satisfied, and dolce makes you happy. Remember to bring your appetite!

  • Bring FAMO home

    At FAMO the wonderful ingredients are delivered straight from Italy, and the chefs are given free rein to create a proper FAMO meal for you either to take home or as catering for larger events.
    Please contact us for further info via famo@famo.dk or metro@famo.dk

  • The ingredients

    At FAMO we wish to give you unique taste experiences created with the use of fresh Italian vegetables, which rarely find their way into the Danish kitchens.
    Our chefs use all their skills and knowledge to produce an authentic, Italian feeling.

    FAMO magic

    We wish to serve our guests the most authentic and genuine Italian meal.
    We’d love to introduce as many ingredients to you as possible, and we hope to spoil you with a meal full of interesting things – for instance the two kinds of octopus: the 8-armed squid polpo and the 10-armed sepia.

  • Cooking School

    If you are interested in joining the Italian kitchen from a close view, you can join our cooking school.
    It can take place at FAMO Metro,
    but we can also come to you!
    Please contact us for further
    info at PH. +45 33 22 19 13
    or via email adm@famo.dk